Fake News, Fake Money

In this talk, Andreas examines the sensationalist debate over “fake news”, the rising tide of faith-based nation states declaring bitcoin as “fake money” and alternative mechanisms we can build to fill the void left by retired fact-checking departments and central bank authorities.



This talk took place at the Silicon Valley Bitcoin meetup on 11th April 2017 at the Plug and Play Tech Center (@PlugandPlayTC) in Sunnyvale, California.


Fake news happens on both sides; cheerleaders for war 0:21
When did the debate over fake news begin? 1:39
The rise of churnalism 4:04
Fact-checking depending on trust in authority of institutions 5:28
“The internet is fake news!”; decentralising critical thinking 6:47
Tribalism, propaganda, and the myths of money 8:29
When hollow reality returns to “full faith” money 11:36
Bitcoin as an alternative to faith-based financial systems 15:13
“Drug dealers! Terrorists! Pornographers! Criminals!” 19:04
Discerning fake vs. real money in a world without authority 21:09
Demonetisation and price premiums in India 22:58
Final thoughts 24:53



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