Earning on Crypto.com

Take advantage of Crypto.com’s exchange platform to earn a passive income through the built-in Earn feature. Here is how Earning on Crypto.com works.

The Crypto.com App has an inherent Earning section that allows users to allocate and lock their crypto assets for lending purposes, and interests paid for such loans by others are shared by Crypto.com with their users.

While this may sound like staking, it is not exactly the same. Staking your coins help to secure the blockchain and network of the coin being staked. In Earning, your coins are allocated to create liquidity for lending.

Let’s first take a quick look into the Crypto.com App and its features.



Crypto.com App

Crypto.com App is a crypto exchange very much like the ones we are accustomed to with like Binance and Bittrex. Crypto.com will handle your crypto on your behalf, and you can easily manage and exchange your crypto to fiat currencies without worrying about losing your private keys.

Having said that, if you are looking for a long-term storage solution for your crypto, you should always rely on a hardware wallet such as the Ledger Nano, or use Crypto.com’s non-custodial wallet where you are in control of your own private keys. This is a different wallet app by Crypto.com that connects to your Ledger hardware wallet.

So, why use Crypto.com?

If you trade cryptocurrencies regularly, Crypto.com would be a familiar environment. They are a crypto asset brokerage, in other words, an exchange. But what sets them apart from most other exchanges are as follows.

Crypto.com makes it easy to send crypto from one user to another user on its platform, instantly and without fees. This is understandable, considering transactions take place within its own internal wallets. And when you withdraw crypto to a private and external wallet of your own or another person’s, only a small fixed fee is charged.

Crypto.com have also made their app user interface a pleasure to view and use. You can easily monitor over 200 different crypto assets on your smartphone, and view their prices, volume, market cap, percentage change, top performers and more. Charts are shown in resolutions of 8H, 1D, 1W, 3M and 6M. The Crypto.com app is surprisingly easy to use, and is a lot less cluttered than the Binance app which many are familiar with.

Two crypto assets or coins are native to Crypto.com, which are MCO and CRO. Both are important and serve different purposes in the Crypto.com ecosystem. MCO carries monetary value for daily spending and cashback rewards, while CRO offers discounted trading fee not very different than what Binance Coin (BNB) does. CRO is also commonly required in bidding for Crypto.com’s Syndicate events.

crypto.com tracking cryptocurrencies
A beautiful user interface makes tracking the prices of cryptocurrencies a joy on Crypto.com.

Crypto.com also provide users with the option to apply for their free multi-tiered MCO VISA credit cards that offer further MCO rewards, higher staking returns on crypto assets and other fringe benefits at Spotify, NetFlix, Amazon, Expedia, airBNB and airport lounge access:

MCO visa card
Features and benefits of the MCO VISA Card offered by Crypto.com as at mid-2020.

All MCO VISA Cards (except for Midnight Blue) are made of composite metal for a premium feel. For the latest offers and features, see MCO VISA Card.


Crypto.com also incorporates a fiat wallet, where you are able to top up funds in USD or EUR via bank transfer or with a debit/credit card. You are then able to use this to buy crypto. To send USD or EUR via wire transfer:

crypto.com fiat wallet
1. Click the central Menu button.
crypto.com fiat wallet
2. Select Fiat Wallet.


crypto.com fiat wallet
3. Tap on + Set Up New Currency.
crypto.com fiat wallet
4. Select either USD and EUR to transfer from your local bank account.

crypto.com fiat wallet
5. Tick to accept the Terms & Conditions. Click Next and fill the fields on the following page to complete your bank registration and wire transfer.


Earning on Crypto.com

Perhaps the most special feature of the Crypto.com App is its Earning feature. By locking certain cryptocurrencies for lending, you could earn up to 18% per annum, paid daily in simple (not compounded) interest.

Other than coins native to Crypto.com (i.e. MCO and CRO), crypto assets that could be earned include BTC, ETH, USDT, XRP, ENJ, BCH, LTC, BNB, EOS, ADA, XLM and over 10 other coins.

Rate of interest paid varies according to coin, and also varies depending on the amount of MCO staked concurrently. Most coins fall within the APR rate of 4 to 6%.

How to Earn on Crypto.com

Note that there are 2 products from Crypto.com – the exchange app, and the wallet. For the purpose of soft staking, only the exchange app would be applicable.

Download and Install the App

Crypto.com App is available on both iOS and Android. If you’re reading this on your smartphone, click on the button below to download the app directly:

crypto.com androidcrypto.com iphone


After you have downloaded the app on your smartphone, register an account and follow the instructions to complete the required ID verification. It takes 1 – 2 business days for Crypto.com to verify your identity.

Insert Referral Code for Bonuses

At time of writing, using a referral code grants the new user $50 worth of MCO and other new user bonuses and benefits. It would be silly to skip this part, so let’s get this done first before moving on. Perform the following steps:

crypto.com earn CRO
1. On the Home screen, click on the Settings icon at the top left.
crypto.com earn CRO
2. Scroll down to Referral and click on Referral Code.
crypto.com earn CRO
3. Tap on the screen to place a cursor to overwrite the default code which doesn’t provide anything.
crypto.com earn CRO
4. Key in the referral code ff7fq3en4t to get your free $50 bonus in MCO. Note that the $50 MCO will only be unlocked and become available when you begin staking at least 50 MCO on the app.

Key in the REFERRAL CODE: ff7fq3en4t

Next step, coin earning!

Purchasing CRO on Crypto.com for Earning

You can buy CRO on Bittrex and transfer to Crypto.com, or better yet purchase it directly on the Crypto.com app itself so that you don’t have to pay withdrawal or transfer fee to send it here for earning later.

crypto.com buy CRO
1. Click the central Menu button.
crypto.com buy CRO
2. Select Wallet to buy crypto.


crypto.com buy CRO
3. In the list of cryptocurrency, select Crypto.com Coin (CRO).
crypto.com buy CRO
4. Click on Buy CRO.


crypto.com buy CRO
5. Key in the amount of CRO you would like to purchase and click + Add Credit or Debit Card.
crypto.com buy CRO
6. Fill in the fields and click Add Card to add your card to your account. Note that for MasterCard holders, only card issued in certain countries could be used to purchase cryptocurrencies. Click “these countries” at the bottom of the screen to see which countries these are.


Earning CRO on Crypto.com

Be aware that locking your coins for Earning on an exchange platform does have its risk. It is no different than leaving your coins sitting on any exchange doing nothing. Having said that, Crypto.com utilise cold wallet storage to secure crypto assets. Furthermore, providing capital lending has another layer of risk, which is a separate topic altogether.

Our strategy with earning on Crypto.com is not to place risk on our more valuable coins such as Bitcoin. Instead, we lock coins native to Crypto.com, i.e. CRO and MCO.

Let’s use CRO as an example:

1. Click the central Menu button.
2. Select Earn.


staking on Crypto.com
3. Click the + icon on the top right of the screen.
crypto.com earn CRO
4. Select Crypto.com Coin in the list.


crypto.com earn CRO
5. Look at the percentage returns and choose one of the three available terms, and then click Continue.
crypto.com earn CRO
6. Tick to accept all the listed Crypto Earn Terms and click Continue.


crypto.com earn CRO
7. Key in the amount to earn and the click on the Deposit button to continue.
crypto.com earn CRO
8. Verify that the Earn details are correct and click Continue.

crypto.com stake CRO
9. And you’re done! Tap anywhere on the screen to continue.

Now just sit back and watch your Earning returns get deposited in your account daily.



Our Final Thoughts

At this moment, we feel that CRO could be a worthwhile contender in the realm of discounted trading fees. CRO seems to be following in the footsteps of BNB (Binance Coin), and the future has yet to unfold if BNB’s first mover’s advantage will keep CRO from achieving their targets.

From what we have seen, CRO stands a good chance. There is plenty of space for CRO and BNB to thrive together at the same time, and the Crypto.com platform does appear to be very well designed. The growing community that has embraced Crypto.com is a good testament to this.

We also believe Crypto.com to be legitimate due to their partnership with VISA in offering the MCO VISA card discussed above, and that their non-custodial wallet which works with a Ledger hardware wallet to secure private keys. Their platform also complies with AML/KYC regulations. These are indications of a company out to do proper business.

A Week After

As expected, the earnings of CRO after 8 days of Earning based on an annualised return of 16% is as shown below. Note that payouts are calculated in simple interest and not compounded.

crypto.com staking
Fig. A – About 17.5 CRO received after 8 days of locking 5,000 CRO on Crypto.com.
crypto.com staking
Fig. B – With CRO earning going well, we decided to lock and a couple of other coins – XRP and ENJ.

The figures of $2.21 over $916.28 in Fig. B above are probably the ones that a financial investor would take notice of.

However, to a crypto investor, these figures don’t mean much. What a crypto investor is more concerned with over the long term is the figure of 17.486 CRO in Fig. A. If CRO gets to just $1 due to the demand for it being used as a medium for discounted transaction fee the way BNB did at one time, then it doesn’t really matter if CRO is only 11 cents at its current price. A growing community and adoption will eventually lead it there.

As with most crypto assets, we often look forward to what its future value may be. If one could go back a decade, one wouldn’t mind collecting BTC at $1 each when everyone else thought it was worth next to nothing. The ability to foresee the future value and potential of a crypto asset or venture is what separates the investor from the gambler, and we believe Crypto.com have what it takes to succeed in this industry.

N.B. We are glad with how earning CRO has been running well that we decided to lock XRP and ENJ as well (Fig. B above) at about 4% p.a. each based on a 3-month earning term.

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