Setting Up a Blockchain Wallet

The Blockchain Wallet is available:

Before you begin, here’s one thing we have noticed about helping others in setting up a Blockchain Wallet on their computers and mobile devices, and we would advise the same:

The pairing between the two devices or platforms is easier when the Blockchain Wallet is first set up on a web browser, and then only installed and paired from your mobile device.

However, if you plan to work only from your smartphone, you may omit setting up the Blockchain Wallet on your browser. You can still set up the browser version later, though with a little bit more difficulty.

N.B. At the time of writing, the above was found to be true. Events in bitcoin space progress very quickly, and the app and software since then could have been upgraded to make this pairing process easier.


Click the following for a step-by-step guide to set up Blockchain Wallet on the selected platforms:

setting up a blockchain wallet

setting up a blockchain wallet

N.B. Other bitcoin wallets such as Jaxx and BreadWallet are also available for users to download and install on mobile devices. The Blockchain bitcoin wallet is used as a guide here as it is one of the more common and popular wallets being used at time of writing. Like most cryptocurrency wallets, the Blockchain bitcoin wallet is free for anyone to download, install and use, and Coin Purveyor does not receive any commission or remuneration for suggesting the use of this wallet.

Blockchain Certification

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