At Coin Purveyor, we are constantly in touch with people in the crypto community from around the globe and come across various projects in the cryptocurrency space and blockchain industry regularly.

With cryptocurrencies becoming an emerging trend since 2017, it is important that new people entering the cryptocurrency space by way of trading or investing be well informed of strategies and ways to safeguard their holdings and investments.



Scams, Money Games and Ponzi Schemes

Unfortunately, the cryptocurrency scene is littered with all kinds of scams, money games and ponzi schemes which have given bitcoin and cryptocurrencies a bad reputation and hinders it from moving forward as it should.

We believe that over time, with the right education, people around the world will be more informed and be aware of how scams operate, and as the number of victims reduces, fraudulent programmes will also start to dwindle in strength and intensity. However, as is the case with the online world and the internet, scammers and hackers will always find new ways to deceive and swindle the public through fraudulent programmes and schemes of sorts.

As many scams as there have been in the past and present involving precious metals and money, there will be even more with cryptocurrencies due to its nature of ease and speed of transaction and uncertainties in governmental regulation, and it is imperative for the crypto enthusiast to prepare him- or herself to be more knowledgable and well-informed regarding these matters, so as not fall prey as a victim.

Projects At Coin Purveyor

Here at Coin Purveyor, we share and present genuine projects to site visitors who are keen on exploring options in investments relating to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. We do not propose a programme knowing it is a scam. Having said that, it is also imperative that you conduct your own research about the projects we propose and do not simply follow blindly.

If you have read an online review that a project we have proposed here is a scam, chances are we have also read the same review and have concluded from our own findings that the online review carries little basis or fact, or that there is an error or miscalculation in their own assessment, and that we have proceeded to be involved regardless.

Often, it is not only a lack of understanding of how the programmes work, but a lack of understanding of how cryptocurrencies work that led to their assumptions. End of the day, we stand by our own actions – what we ultimately do weighs more than whatever we have to say.


DISCLAIMER: As an investor, you should be aware that there are no guarantees in investments of any sort, and every individual will have different levels of risk aversion with an investment risk to match. What we do know is no risk no gain, and the projects that we propose here are genuine to the best of our knowledge and assessment, and are projects which we have ourselves involved in and undertaken to varying degrees of investment quantum. These projects are recommended based on our thorough understanding of the programme intricacies and on our experience in the field of cryptocurrencies. In general, we pick projects with favourable asymmetric risk/reward.
DISCLOSURE: Some of the projects proposed here offer referral commissions and benefits as part of their rewards programme. While we may receive a commission in the event of your participation, please be aware that under no circumstances that any of the projects and programmes listed here are recommended for the sole purpose of receiving monetary benefits. They are chosen first and foremost because of our belief that they will perform well based on our assessment, and last but not least because we believe you may also derive favourable results and benefits through them. Once again, we do not list projects that we do not ourselves participate in.

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