Why is it important where and how bitcoin mining is carried out?

Bitcoin mining is very resource-intensive, requiring high amounts of electricity and cooling as mining hardware runs high hashrates, consuming a lot of power and heats up quickly in the process. As bitcoin mining is also a competitive race against all other miners around the world, having the fastest machine counts. It is these factors which make mining from home no longer feasible in current times. BitClub Network operate their mine in Iceland for a few very good and important reasons. Iceland provides 100% clean and renewable energy by utilising natural hydroelectric and geothermal technologies, resulting in lower electrical tariff which is cheaper than almost anywhere else in the world. This keeps electricity cost down, which means most of the bitcoins earned from mining can be kept as profits. Iceland is also naturally cool all year round, which means the operation does not need to rely on air-conditioning and related expenses, which again reduces overheads so that more bitcoins earned are kept as profit. The use of clean and renewable energy in BitClub Network’s mining operation does not pollute the air, and provides a very responsible and green method in bitcoin mining. BitClub Network are taking a proactive step to be green in mining as they anticipate the amount of electricity used in mining will be outrageous due to the continuous growth of the global combined network power of Bitcoin.

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