What mining hardware does BitClub Network use?

Apart from the factors of energy consumption and cooling requirements discussed above, the use of the appropriate hardware is also of paramount importance. Similar to using the biggest and fastest bucket-wheel excavators when mining for ore, using the fastest and most efficient hardware to mine bitcoins is incredibly crucial. BitClub Network always use state-of-the-art mining hardware and currently use the BitMain AntMiner S9 in their mining operation. The special thing about BitClub Network is that they do not wait for mining equipment to become outdated or obsolete. When a new, faster and more efficient model is released to the market, the current “older” hardware is quickly sold off on the second hand market while they still fetch a good price. The money is then reinvested back into the community to purchase the newer machines without capital reinjection from members. This was done previously with an older model prior to the S9. BitClub Network also have a special arrangement with the manufacturers of mining hardware so that they do not face a shortage of supply in equipment or parts maintenance. By using the latest mining hardware, a high hashrate is continuously maintained whilst running at the lowest power consumption possible. This ensures that BitClub Network are always ahead of the game – it is a plan that differentiates itself from solo home mining and cannot be underestimated.

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