How to Buy UDAX Tokens with AcePoints

Registering a UDAX Wallet

If you have already registered your AceClub account and have sufficient AcePoints in your P-Wallet, the next step would be to register a UDAX wallet to store your purchased UDAX tokens, or UDT.

You should obtain a referral link to register your UDAX Wallet from your sponsor or upline. If not, you may go to to register one now.



Registering MyEtherWallet

You will also need to have MyEtherWallet. If you do not yet have one, go to MyEtherWallet to register one now. You may refer to the official guide or this guide on how to properly set up and configure an account.

If you are new to cryptocurrencies, MyEtherWallet (sometimes affectionately referred to as MEW) is an important tool in the crypto user’s arsenal of apps and wallets. It is an ETH wallet that allows you to store your ERC-20 tokens as well. Take the time to set one up.

NOTE: The preferred way to access your MyEtherWallet would be to use a cold wallet such as the Ledger Nano S. For those who own the Ledger Nano S, kindly refer to this guide from Ledger on how to set up your MEW with your Ledger Nano S. If you do not have the Ledger Nano S, it is OK to proceed with the first method above.

Once you have your UDAX Wallet and MyEtherWallet completely set up and configured, we can proceed to buy UDAX tokens (UDT).

A. Log Into Your UDAX Wallet

buy udax tokens

Log into your UDAX Wallet and go to Account in the top menu.

Your Balance of UDT should be showing 0.0 at this point.


Take note the following items above:

  • your email address (U1)
  • your UDAX Wallet address (U2)


In the blank field below, key in an ETH address from your MyEtherWallet, and click on Bind.

Leave this browser tab open. We will come back to this again shortly.

B. Log Into Your AceClub Account

buy udax tokens

Log into your AceClub Account and go to P-Wallet > Buy Product in the sidebar menu. The amount of AcePoints in your P-Wallet and the Product (UDAX) are shown.


Type in your email address (U1) and your UDAX Wallet address (U2) shown in Item A2 above.


Under Amount, key in the amount of AcePoints you will be using to purchase your UDAX tokens. We will be using all 5,000 of our AcePoints as shown above.

NOTE: Please key in only numbers without special characters, e.g. 5000, not 5,000.


Click on Confirm.

A notification appears to inform that your AcePoints have been submitted for processing to buy UDAX tokens.

Allow up to 48 hours for the UDAX tokens (UDT) to be credited into your UDAX Wallet.



C. Check for UDT in Your UDAX Wallet

buy udax tokens

After 48 hours, log back into your UDAX Wallet and go to Account in the top menu again.


Your purchased UDAX tokens (UDT) should now be shown under Balance of UDT.

Congratulations on the purchase of your UDAX tokens!



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