THE COIN PURVEYOR believes that children are our future and send donations (via credit card) out to a number of charities (such as UNICEF) on a monthly basis.

The following list of charity bodies and institutions receive contributions in the form of bitcoin and other conventional means. Some donors have expressed that the act of giving bitcoin is rewarding, and the transactions are certainly easier to perform without a portion taken away by intermediaries.

Visit the websites of following charities and see which cause fits you best! Each charity body has been verified at time of publishing, but donors are advised to visit and check that the links provided below are still valid. We would appreciate very much if any links which are no longer valid be highlighted to us by email.


Kindly note that all bitcoin donations are directly transferred to the charities of your choice, and Coin Purveyor does not act as an intermediate party in the transactions.

Save The Children



Save the Children invests in childhood – every day, in times of crisis and for our future. In the United States and around the world, we give children a healthy start, the opportunity to learn and protection from harm. By transforming children’s lives now, we change the course of their future and ours. We help children in 120 countries, including the United States, working with Save the Children members worldwide. We put children first – giving them what they need to grow up happy and healthy. Together, we’re changing our world – one child’s life at a time.

Kaya Children International



Kaya Children International responds to children in crisis on the streets and families struggling to meet basic needs. In partnerships with a number of local organizations, our street outreach team, made up of staff members and volunteers, regularly visits the streets in La Paz, El Alto and other locales frequented by children of the streets. Whether it is an abandoned building at midnight or a seedy theatre at two in the afternoon, our team meet children where they are and work to build relationships with them over time. Through these informal visits, the street outreach team provides basic medical care, crisis counselling, social support, health education, food and clothing, and a listening ear. Engaging with one of our street outreach workers is generally the first step in a child’s transition off of the streets.

bitcoin donations



The Chicago chapter of A Special Wish Foundation, Inc is a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to granting the wishes of children and young adults, from birth through age 20, in the greater Chicago-land area who have been diagnosed with a life threatening condition. We are a strictly volunteer organization with no “brick and mortar” offices or paid staff. With very low overhead, we are able to direct over 90% of every donation received directly to granting the wishes of our very special kids!

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