Binance Ethereum GiveAway Scam

binance ethereum giveaway scam



If you have just found yourself added to the Binance Ethereum GiveAway Telegram group (, you may just be a target for a scam by a syndicate out to steal your Ethereum (ETH).

binance ethereum giveaway



It is likely that the scammers obtained your name and contact from another cryptocurrency Telegram group and deliberately added you to the group. You will then see a series of messages going to and fro between actors of different names with the intention of baiting you to visit an article supposedly published by a reputable site called Medium. The link to this site is circled in the conversation above.

When you click on that link and visit the site, and if you have visited Medium before, you will notice the familiar clean minimalist look of the Medium website.

However, upon closer inspection of the URL at the top of your browser window, you will notice that the site url address is actually mediurn (circled below). Notice that the last two alphabets r and n are made to look like the letter m and deceive visitors into thinking they are reading an article published by Medium.

binance ethereum giveaway



This is known as a phishing scam and is made to fool the public into visiting a fake reputable site with a seemingly credible article, and into believing that one of the top exchanges in the world is giving away ten times more Ethereum than what you put in, for free.

There are certainly no free lunches in this world, and if Binance were eager to give away free Ethereum, they would not have needed you to send them a random amount in the first place. They would just deposit it into your account.

If things always seem too good to be true, it usually is. And a Binance Ethereum Giveaway just sounds too good to be true!

Tread carefully when you are online – pay special care and attention, and proceed with caution especially in the cryptocurrency space.


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