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The COIN PURVEYOR deals in all matters regarding cryptocurrencies, more specifically on bitcoin and ethereum than any other at this moment. The COIN PURVEYOR provides an explanation of what bitcoin is all about, where it comes from, and how it is designed to serve the greater good of mankind. See What is Bitcoin as a starting point.

The COIN PURVEYOR also describes how Bitcoin is mined, and how an average person can also profit from such mining activities. There have been many scams surrounding the Bitcoin movement in recent years largely due to ignorance and lack of information, leading to negative perception by some on this new phenomenon of digital currencies. But the Bitcoin and its underlying blockchain technology is all set to change the way we operate in a major way, not just in the transaction of money, but in the management of digital assets such as contracts, intellectual properties, bonds, and others. See Bitcoin Mining at the top menu for more information.

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The COIN PURVEYOR shows where anyone can get bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the open market through exchanges or directly from brokers. You will be introduced to some of the more secure exchanges in the world. Do not be surprised if the steps required to open an account seem tedious. It is for tighter security measures, something which no one would want to take lightly. If you would like to obtain bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, find out Where To Get Bitcoin.

The COIN PURVEYOR provides a platform for open discussions on matters regarding the blockchain, bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. While the internet is an avenue for sharing of ideas and opinions, users are reminded that the forum is monitored for the use of harsh language and general rude behaviour. Postings of such nature are not tolerated and the offender shall be removed from the forum. Any remarks which is detrimental to the business of the COIN PURVEYOR shall also be duly removed by the site moderator. To share an idea or acquire information, go to the Forum and sign in to participate.

The COIN PURVEYOR has put together an online store where books and hardware pertaining to the Blockchain, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are placed in one place for the site visitor’s easy reference. Visitors should note that all items listed are sold by third parties and commissions are received for items purchased through this online store at no additional cost to the shopper. Such commissions help to fund the running of this site for the benefit of others. To peruse the Store for books and hardware, visit the Store today to start browsing.

The COIN PURVEYOR is actively involved in the mining of cryptocurrencies – both bitcoin and ethereum. To find out how you can be part of an affordable and hassle-free bitcoin mining pool, check our Frequently Asked Questions about Bitcoin Mining or go right ahead and Join BCN today.

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